Jon Moon

The young Berliner Jon Moon presents „Praise Jah“, the third single of his upcoming EP. After the hopeful and energetic lead single „Brighter Day“ and the slower, mellow tribute to Vaughn Benjamin, „Messenjah“, Jon Moon wrote this song to give thanks forall the - seemingly - little things that make life worth living.And to praise Jah in his own way: through the medium of Reggae music.This spiritual, dubby tune,

with its pushing steppas-beat was inspired by, and isdedicated to, the soundsystem movement & culture. The kick drum and thefundamental bassline will make you want to move your feet, while the lyrics anddelay-filled vocals and trombone lift you up to higher spheres!„Praise Jah“ will be released digitally by Yutman Records, October 30.

Jon Moon is a young and upcoming Reggae artist from Berlin.

The young multi-instrumentalist and producer delivers fresh modern roots sounds with conscious lyrics. Born into a very musical family he discovered his love for Reggae quite early and Rastafari in 2013 when he visited South Africa for the first time. That’s when he started writing Reggae songs and published his first single with no other than Lutan Fyah in 2016. A year later he published his debut album  TRUST., co-produced with Berlin Reggae veteran Ganjaman. The album consists of 14 tracks, written by Jon Moon (except It’s Time and Nicht In Bester Lage), that comment on the joy of life, Rastafari, social injustice, and love.

 When performing live he usually brings his trombone, adding extra vibes to the music.


Since releasing his debut on his label Yutman Records he has already published the More Fyah Riddim selection and worked with artists like Jahcoustix, Exile Di Brave, Lutan Fyah, Crosby, Memoria, Tóke, Ras Muhammad, Trixstar and others.

Jon Moon is currently working on a new EP and a second riddim selection to be released in summer 2020.

Latest Releases

Messenjah - Single 

Release date 7 August 2020

Brighter Day - Single 

Release date 29 May 2020

Debut Album: Trust.

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