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Berlin-based Reggae artist & producer Jon Moon is set to captivate music enthusiasts worldwide with his latest single, "Different Style", featuring the enchanting vocals of South African singer Bronwyn. Known for his Roots-Reggae prowess, Jon Moon ventures into the realm of dancehall, delivering a pop-infused track brimming with positivity and encouragement. "
"Different Style" marks a distinct departure from Jon Moon's customary Roots-Reggae sound, displaying his versatility as an artist and producer. The song's infectious rhythms and catchy melodies are complemented by the sultry and soulful voice of Bronwyn, creating a dynamic synergy that's bound to get listeners moving to the beat.
In "Different Style", Jon Moon and Bronwyn share a message of hope and unity, reminding each one of us that we are not alone at all, on the contrary, the chorus ends with the words: "You're not alone, you have so many on your side!"

Jon Moon expressed his excitement about the upcoming release, saying, "This song is a departure from my usual style, but it really grew on me over the past years. I created the riddim in a specific mood somewhere between happiness and feeling blue in a garden in
South Africa, not thinking about voicing it myself. But a little later the chorus just hit me. It was around the beginning of the first lockdown in 2020 and we were reasoning a lot about people being left behind and alone. I felt like we needed a reminder, that we are never alone, a celebration of solidarity and empathy. I showed my layout to Bronwyn that day, she liked the different style, and thus the idea was born to sing a song together, now we're happy it's finally ready to be shared with everyone!"


Jon Moon

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Yutman Records presents
Jon Moon's new single
You & Me 
June 2 2023

Yutman Records presents
Brighter Day - EP


Juicy roots Reggae, slow, meditative sounds, powerful melodies, atmospheric dub.  These are only a few words to describe Jon Moon's EP "Brighter Day. The EP contains six originals, as well as two dub-versions produced by Jon Moon.

The recording of the vocals and Instruments, as well as the mixing for the EP took place  at Planet Earth Studios in Berlin, all by the founder of "Yutman Records" himself. Each  song stems from a very personal place for the singer, musician, songwriter and producer  Jon Moon. In his music, Moon sings about the Rastafarian spirit, role models like Vaughn  Benjamin and his positive attitude towards life. At the same time he shares political  content paired with spirituality and meditation. We are looking forward to an EP with real  depth!

For the EP’s only feature, Jon Moon has reunited with Cape Town-based artist, Crosby.  Shortly before the corona lockdown, the two wrote a riddim together with the legendary  South African “Azania Band”, but had to complete the song spatially and temporally  separated between Berlin and Cape Town, due to the pandemic. The result is  “Economical Crisis”, a song that focuses on the current global situation. The only tune featuring a riddim not written and recorded by or with Jon Moon is "How Many Times", another collaboration with Azania Band  and BeWild Productions on the "Tuff Times Riddim".

The "Brighter Day" EP by Jon Moon was released digitally and on CD on December 4,  2020 by Yutman Records. 


Jon Moon is a young and upcoming Reggae artist from Berlin.

The young multi-instrumentalist and producer delivers fresh modern roots sounds with conscious lyrics. Born into a very musical family he discovered his love for Reggae quite early and Rastafari in 2013 when he visited South Africa for the first time. That’s when he started writing Reggae songs and published his first single with no other than Lutan Fyah in 2016. A year later he published his debut album  TRUST., co-produced with Berlin Reggae veteran Ganjaman. The album consists of 14 tracks, written by Jon Moon (except It’s Time and Nicht In Bester Lage), that comment on the joy of life, Rastafari, social injustice, and love.

 When performing live he usually brings his trombone, adding extra vibes to the music.


Since releasing his debut on his label Yutman Records he has already published the More Fyah Riddim selection, the Rasta Riddim Vol. I & Vol. II selection and worked with artists like Jahcoustix, Exile Di Brave, Lutan Fyah, Mark Wonder, Uwe Banton, Crosby, Memoria, Tóke, Ras Muhammad, Trixstar, Akeem Garrison and others.

Latest Releases


Feat. Reign Afrika

Release date 11 November 2022


Debut Album: Trust.

Release date 4 November 2022


Release date 30 September 2022

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Release date 04 December 2020

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