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Almost 4 months after the release of Bronwyn’s most recent single "Steady" Yutman Records is releasing a Reggae remix of the song.
Jon Moon originally wrote the guitar melody with the intention of recording a poppy Reggae riddim. But when Bronwyn heard the layout she wrote some lyrics and a melody and the two decided to make it one of her songs. Nevertheless, Jon Moon never completely forgot about the Reggae version and entirely re-recorded the instrumental - apart from the lead guitar.
The only thing remaining in the new remix is this original guitar melody and Bronwyn’s soothing voice and enchanting melodies. Together with the warm trom-bones and dubby delays, the new song is a beautiful blend of the two artist’s musical homes: Bronwyn’s melancholic pop and Jon Moon’s Roots-Reggae.


Bronwyn is a singer and songwriter from South Africa who now lives and records her music in Berlin. 

Bronwyn’s new single Steady is an ode to melancholia. To that moment of longing upon waking. Trying to hold onto your dreams as they slip away from memory. It's about being kind to yourself on days where the world seems too much to face. About drawing strength from words of love and ancestral wisdom. It starts soft and builds up to a dynamic piece of music, pulling you into its tide. The versatility of emotions in this song is reflected by the blend of acoustic guitar and drum-sounds, woven in with an electronic Bass, Synth & Sample-patterns. Bronwyn's touching vocal performance won’t leave the listener unmoved.



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