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Project Kubatana

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What Will Love Do - Project Kubatana

Project Kubatana is back with their second single "What Will Love Do"!

This song is a very interesting blend of many things: dancehall & pop, English & Shona lyrics, female & male vocals, acoustic and programmed instruments, and yet delivers a strong and soothing vibe.

The conscious lyrics ask very important philosophical questions about life and the way we live ours.

The duo, hailing from Switzerland and consisting of German Singer-Songwriter Kasi Smiles and Zimbabwean DJ RighT Nau recorded the song in Berlin at the Planet Earth Studios with Jon Moon. The song was written on Acoustic Guitar by Kasi, who recorded her parts first, then she and RighT Nau added their vocals. Later Jon Moon, who also produced the song, added drums, bass & keys.

After all the song takes you on a musical and lyrical journey from singer-songwriter guitars, over poppy keys to Dancehall drums. 

"What Will Love Do" is now available on all online platforms and on our bandcamp page!

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"Project Kubatana" with their debut release "Rastaman Vibrations" 


Zimbabwe meets Switzerland meets Berlin! "Kubatana" means "unity". 


Project Kubatana is the crossing of paths between two artists, resulting in their debut single "Rastaman Vibrations", the latest release from the label Yutman Records, which will be available in all online stores from July 10th, 2020.


The song features lyrics by RighT Nau and Kasi Smiles, two newcomers from Zimbabwe and Germany living in Switzerland. The Riddim is produced by the Swiss singer and songwriter Collie Herb. The vocals were recorded in the Planet Earth Studio in Berlin.


Always act through love, even if the path of life is not always easy, is the message of the song. “As human beings, we are one. When those who have, give to those who have nothing, we will be happy together ”, Kasi sings on Shona.


The finest reggae, a clear message, two voices that meet in harmony. Project Kubatana shows what can be created in unity.

Creation of „Rastaman Vibrations“


It all began when RighT Nau received an instrumental riddim from Collie Herb. A year later, he wrote the first lyrics about friendship.

At an Afro-Beats Party in Switzerland in the summer of 2018, RighT Nau met Kasi Smiles through a mutual friend of the musician and singer. They discovered their shared interest in music, started jamming in the studio, and working on the song together. In a long process of creation with many different text versions, the tune "Rastaman Vibrations" was created. The Kasi Smiles’ chorus and RighT Nau’s hook were ready. In this moment they decided to record the vocals and share the song with the world.

RighT Nau met Jon Moon, founder of the Yutman Records label and Reggae artist, perchance in Cape Town in 2013. RighT Nau took Jon to a dance and through conversations about music, Rastafari and South Africa, the chance encounter created a lasting friendship.

A few days before 2018’s close Kasi Smiles and RighT Nau drove to Berlin, to Jon Moon’s base, the Planet Earth Studios, where “Rastaman Vibrations” and two other songs were recorded on three days around the New Year. The result can now be heard at: LINK


Lyrics in SHONA: 


„As a human race, we are one people. 

When the ones who have, give the ones who don’t, we are happy as one people!“



RighT Nau


Right Nau (Marlon Manyamba) 


„Value yourself. You were born to enjoy this planet. LOVE ONE ANOTHER“

- RighT Nau, 2020

RighT Nau was born and raised in Zimbabwe. In addition to reggae, his youth in the 90s was particularly characterized by hip hop and R’n’B. Even then, Jamaican culture was repre-sented in Zimbabwe, although the reggae and dancehall scene was still very small.

In 2007 he first came into contact with music production, in the bedroom studio of a childhood friend, Tendai "Punkk" Mapanga, and a little later (motivated by his friend) began to write lyrics and rap on top of Riddims. They formed a band, which was soon joined by the artist Rutendo "Rutendo Jackie" Ngoreta.

In 2012 the young musician moved to Cape Town, where he started to play in private circles. During this time, the Rasta movement became an increasingly important part of his life. For him, Rastafari means being proud of his identity, confi-dently going through life and being independent. He finds a place in which he does not have to change or adjust. Marcus Garvey's philosophy has always guided him on his spiritual journey.

During his time in Cape Town, he moved away from music somewhat and focused on work. In moving to Switzerland, he once again found the time and space to make music and to record. Here Junior Bardo introduced him to the swiss Reggae scene.

Yutman Records also turned out to be a source of ideas for his music. RighT Nau loves to make music. He is currently working on new songs and is aiming for a solo career. His goal is to spread simple texts with a strong message.

Kasi Smiles


Kasi Smiles (Saskia Dümmel)


"It's mostly the small details that inspire me, and my own mistakes"

- Kasi Smiles, 2020

Born in Leipzig, she lived her musical childhood by singing in choirs, being part of various bands and participating in musi-cal projects. Her main subject at school was music. She learned classical guitar early on and started composing her own jazz, pop and soul pieces. Kasi Smiles mostly draws inspiration from small things, thoughts, feelings, or noises and especially her own mistakes, from which something new arises. Inspiration stems from diverse encounters with a wide range of genres and from frequent contact with reggae in her musical career.

A year in South Africa at an art and music school not only familiarized her with reggae, but also with jazz, world music and traditional sound. Here she met many talented musicians, and this time and cooperation with different people have shaped her strongly.

As a teenager, life led her to Switzerland, where she still lives today. Here she met RighT Nau. The friendship had a great impact on the singer: not only did she discover music production as one of her other talents, but the encounter also reinforced her belief that music can make a difference!

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