Julian Asher


Haile Abeba Sound

Haile Abeba Sound" is the debut EP of South African Reggae artist Julian Asher. The singer and producer, hailing from the shores of Cape Town, lives in Berlin, where he writes his songs and produces his music with Filha da Costa, together forming Haile Abeba.
The artist tells us that "Haile Abeba is Amharic or Ethiopic meaning Power of the Flower. Reggae music is the flower meant in this case, blossoming like the kingdom of Jah, through whose powerful love it was possible at all that the Caribbean soil be so fertile; to bring forth such a flower. Just as Ethiopia stretched forth her hands to Elohim.
Haile Abeba Sound is a celebration of the life delivered to I and I through reggae music, Haile Selassie I being the exemplary life and eternal source of inspiration for the flourishing of our lives on earth over all adversity."

"Haile Abeba Sound" is now available on all online platforms and on our bandcamp page!

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